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Still feeling kind of rocky. But getting better. I think.

So. Let's begin, shall we?

After all, that's the trick, the secret, the essence of the ineffable ethic: to begin. There's no teaching it; the saying 'Every journey begins with a single step' elicits wisely knowing nods all 'round, but it doesn't truly inspire understanding - that is, not unless understanding was already there.

The discordians are right; 42 may be the answer but the question is, "Do you get the joke?"

Back to (the) beginning.

The trick is to Do. Dreams are powerful, but taking action in the interest of a Dream is power: wishing will not make it so, we are our only agent of change, each of us our own individual catalyst -

To be concise, nothing happens unless you fuckin' make it happen, Jackson.

Open Notepad and write the first sentance of that story or play or novel or song lyric you've always wanted; call that girl or boy or girl and boy that you've thought about; look it up on the internet and fill out the form online, you can pay the registration with your debit card....

You get the point? Maybe, but do you understand? Unless you actually just did one of those things, or something like it, then you don't: it's a truth that can only be comprehended fully while in the full moment of experience, like sunlight or an orgasm.

But once you know, you know.

So. Let's begin...

I'm glad 2008 is over. Read more... )
Next post: Missing the big picture - the world has changed, but knows it not.


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