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Time. That's what it comes down to.

We only have so much; it's our dearest possession and we never know how much we have left.

So much depends on doing what we can when we can; in the end, despite what we're taught (especially here in the U.S.), we have to admit it's not about us - it's about everyone. It's not about yourself, about you in the singular, it's about you and yours, your people, your tribe, your country, your nation, your world.

People are motivated solely by self interest. But there's many varieties of that motivation; the most important of which is Enlightened Self Interest - where you understand the best thing you can do for yourself is something that won't benefit you in the short term, might even be harmful, dangerous or deadly...

But it's the best thing to do for yourself because of the impact it makes and the benefits it creates for what you care about, for your passions.

Take that away and you have Hairless Apes, Ugly Americans, thugs and wisdomless fools; add it, and you have Homo Sapiens, human beings - the Wise Ape.

All advancements for humanity have been brought about by that motivation; much pain, suffering and crass failure has been ushered in when it was lacking. And it's not guaranteed, though we humans like to think it is - or that it will always, eventually, triumph. After all, consider the Dark Ages; we only believe that it will always triumph because it always has, albeit in the form of 'eventually'.

That's because it only takes the one time it doesn't, or won't, to end the entire run.

Anyway, spent Election Day by climbing on a Greyhound at 4:10am and heading to Cleveland. Don't worry, I voted Monday morning by absentee ballot...

When NBC called Ohio for Barack, I was lying in bed with Stephen sleeping across my chest. We'd gorged ourselves on pizza and I'd lulled him to sleep with a highly detailed explanation of what the Baby Boomer generation didn't understand, couldn't understand, and how the U.S. was finally escaping their selfish tentacles - he smiled in that way he has, the "I'm listening but you know this really doesn't make a lot of sense to anyone except you, three of your internet friends and an aged Professor at Trinity College" smile and drifted off just as I began describing the Millenialists (not the Christian dogma, the social generational influence - it's a pretty fresh concept, I think it'll end up with a different name, but anyway...)

So I was struggling to stay awake, and that's the last thing I really remember before sleep took me away; I'd meant to make some phone calls, meant a number of things, but was lucky to see the results and get the alarm clock set.

Stephen had voted earlier in the day while I slept, which helped me realize how much time had slipped away from me - but I felt okay with that, and good with what I've done so far. Better, even, when I considered what I mean to do yet.

Not much time left. Not much at all, considering everything left to get done...

But I've been part of the fight. In some cases, like the recent turning of the tides here in the States, I've had a small part - but I did convince my Neoconservative Republican Mother to vote Obama.

Be the change you wish to see. Yeah, I can live with myself; Prop 8 passed in California, but as [livejournal.com profile] ame_chan pointed out, we'll just keep fighting 'til we win.

What's right is understood in the heart; even those in opposition will usually understand something is wrong when that something hurts others.

The battle continues until it is won; there is no other option.

Peace, and Be Well.


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