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If it weren't for sex, drugs & rock n' roll, I'd have long since moved into a quaint, split-level cave somewhere far from any hairless apes - as long as there was a good public library nearby.

So. Time enough to take a breath, yes?

Posting here, these days, more for myself than anything - going to shut off the automatic cross post to LJ, I think. It feels... messy. Like opening something that's long finished, again and again.

Odd having short hair. Even after half a decade of it. I look like George Clooney now. Or his rough-and-tumble brother. Heh.

Recovered pretty well from a host of issues, most of which came from pushing myself a bit harder than I should have - just took a week off to sleep, sleep, rest and sleep.

Now it's time to return to the war; considerate of it to wait for me, I think.

The Estate should close mid-January. Should have a housewarming (ye gods, I own a house?? Where's Batman?) sometime before Summer Solstice. If you're reading this, you're invited.

Getting married next fall. Getting slow, I am; not getting any less lascivious, however - I've always said, "sharing is caring. And pretty hot with the right people."

Let's see, what else? Will be firing up FetLife someday before too long - need the practice, I've let my anti-social tendencies really dig me a pit, here.

That considered, the Scooby-Dooesque Mystery house is now sealed from the elements; I need to repair the main floor support, do flooring, etcetera ad robustum, but looks like we'll pull this off.

It'll be a place that any or all of our far-flung friends can find a moment's peace, some space to recoup, or a shoulder to lean on. Thinking of calling it 'Haven House' - not original, of course, but I do have Scott's permission. And I think it might be a rare thing, to have coastal-style household in the central midwest.

Anyway, looking for a place to park some images so I can post them. Expect to see stuff soon.

Be well.

Date: 2014-12-24 03:36 am (UTC)
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Heh. I know what you mean.

Haven't seen you much. Either I'm filtered, or you're not posting often. Not complaining about that, if so, but Just commenting. I miss reading you, man.

Glad you're recovering. I've been down with the crud and related additions to it for over a week, now.

I know what you mean about the long hair. However, I now sport a near-epic beard. Which will have to be cut waaaay back for the upcoming surgery (whenever they manage to schedule it) but it'll grow back again. Meanwhile, I've thought of dying it bright blue, just to be ornery.

Congrats upon both the house and the upcoming marriage. I hope to see it, someday.

I can host the images, if you like. You have my email address.

Take care and be well yourself, eh?


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